Management Consulting

Company operating in the plastic film production sector

  • The company, active for more than 30 years in the production of bi-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film used in food packaging, labelling, adhesive tapes and other applications (stationery, packaging, envelopes and bags)
  • The world economic crisis of 2008 and the intensification of competitive pressure affected negatively the Company’s results, forcing it to begin a major restructuring and managerialization process
  • In the following years, the continuation of the negative macroeconomic context and the competitive disadvantage of the Company in the raw material supply market, led to the need to quickly define and implement a new financial restructuring plan


  • Preparation of an Independent Business and Financial Review (IBFR) to assess the feasibility/endurance of the Industrial Plan and the Financial Manoeuvre, prepared by the Company, regarding the renegotiation of the existing bank debt
  • Post IBFR, update of the Industrial Plan and performance so that the execution of the action plan can be monitored in detail and any deviations can be analysed

Our Work

  • Evaluation of historical performance and identification of the main critical areas to support marginality and cash flow generation
  • Assessment and Stress test of the Industrial Plan in terms of exploitation of the projections of income and financial results, and analysis of the investment needs related to the development path
  • Analysis of the proposed Financial Manoeuvre, with particular reference to the analysis of sustainability, impacts, risks and business and/or financial constraints related to it
  • Updating and integration of the Industrial Plan and preparation of the monitoring system for the correct execution of the action plan
Key FinancialsYear
Operating Revenues155167164169143
# Employees~200~200~200~200~200
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