Business Development

Design of systems for the purification of liquids and gases in the marine sector

  • The Company operates in the design and production of gas treatment/cooling systems. The technological solutions and products offered are applied for the purification of the most diverse pollutant emissions: from exhaust gases from marine engines to power plants, from fumes from cement and steelworks, from chemical plants/refineries and in waste incineration
  • About a decade ago, a multinational world leader in the cruise ship market joined the Company with a significant minority stake, bringing in a significant order backlog
  • The Company undertakes a rapid process of growth and development that leads to an important growth of the company’s organization


  • Analysis and redesign of the organizational structure to ensure the capability to manage the relevant development process started after the new shareholder’s entry
  • Assistance to the Management for the implementation of the defined organizational solutions
  • Individual assessment of the Company’s Top Management and subsequent training

Our Work

  • Analysis of the main business processes through one-to-one interviews with the apical Company figures
  • Representation of the current organisational structure with its features and shortcomings
  • Identification and implementation of the organisational model to be pursued and of the operating action plan to achieve the strategic objectives (definition and allocation of roles and responsibilities)
  • Individual and group assessments to identify opportunities for human resources growth and career paths
  • Definition and implementation of a training and coaching plan for the first levels of the new organisational structure
Key FinancialsYear
Operating Revenues312355630
# Employees~10~20~40~40~40
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