Production and retail distribution of nautical clothing products

  • Founded in the late 70s, the Company is active in the production and sale of technical clothing for the nautical sector. Over the years, the Company has expanded its product portfolio to the sportswear segment
  • Distribution is organized through traditional channels (direct single-brand stores, outlets, wholesale channel) and corporate e-commerce
  • International expansion, focused on the wholesale channel, led the export to increase up to around 30% in the last years. To increase international visibility, Company’s marketing plans and actions are targeted mainly to sponsorship of sailing competitions (e.g. America’s Cup)


  • Preparation of a multi-year Business Plan for a Debt Restructuring Agreement pursuant to art. 182 bis L.F.
  • Support to the financial advisor in the preparation of the Financial Manoeuvre
  • Support at all stages of the negotiation process with the main creditors in the Agreement signing

Our Work

  • Analysis of Company’s trends and eco-fin main indicators
  • Verification of the business model, of the Company’s organization and of the actions taken to address and overcome the existing critical issues
  • Market due diligence, with deep focus on competitors, and benchmark analysis
  • Analysis of the performance of the product lines, collections and different points of sale and the related profitability (to assess any action to be taken in support of the Business Plan and the Financial Manoeuvre)
  • Support to Company’s Management in the preparation of the three-year Industrial Plan in support of the Financial Manoeuvre and for the launch and implementation of the identified actions
Key FinancialsYear
Operating Revenues3533272323
# Employees~200~180~140~120~100
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