Business Development

Production of primary plastic packaging for pharmaceutical products

  • Founded in the 1970s, the Group started operating in the mechanic construction of moulds for plastic stamping
  • In the 1980s, through the activity of printing plastic materials, the Group starts integrating forward and develops its first patents for producing “mono-use” containers for pharmaceutical uses. Completing in the 2000’s the 100% acquisition of a pharmaceutical workshop, the Group begin the activity of production, filling and packaging of cosmetic products and medical devices on behalf of third parties
  • The Group is lately acquired by an important Italian Private Equity player which, after a few years, carries out the investment in the packaging business but remains in control of the medical devices and pharmaceutical products business unit


  • Business Due Diligence, required by the Private Equity Fund, for acquiring the whole Group
  • Strategical plan, subsequent the entry of the Fund into the capital of the Group, aiming at giving Management and Shareholders the elements for activating and planning the business development and the strategical options

Our Work

  • Analysis of the dynamics in the current/prospective pharmaceutical market, explanation of the development guidelines and mapping and deepening of the main competitors
  • Revenues and marginality analysis by product family/application
  • One-to-one interviews to the Top 5 clients of the Group to assess the solidity of the relationships
  • Identification, with the Management, of the strategical future development paths to be used as assumptions for the post acquisition Business Plan
  • Preparation of the Strategic Plan and definition of the Action Plan for the launch of the implementation phase
Key FinancialsYear
Operating Revenues48494854
# Employees~270~270~270~270
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