Business Development

Production of refrigeration systems and stainless steel electrical enclosures

  • The company operates through three autonomous Business Units (BU) with a shared set of values, coordinating their activities and encouraging the growth in their respective target markets
  • The first BU is recognized as a worldwide leader specialist in the production and commercialization of professional blast chillers, shock freezers, holding and proofing systems
  • The second BU is specialized in designing and producing stainless steel structures to meet the needs of customers for whom quality, hygiene and constant performance over time are fundamental requisites
  • The third BU is a pioneer in quality household chilling stems business, exploiting the expertise developed by the first BU
  • The recent in-depth organizational structure review and the new market conditions due to the pandemic have made the Company consider an organic growth path able to exploit the current competencies and resources


  • Strengthening of the mission and the strategic orientation
  • Recognition and definition of the main strategic guidelines for each BU
  • Definition of a three year Industrial Plan for the whole company, with the aims to grow and diversify the BUs in different markets and segments

Our Work

  • Analysis and deep down on the whole company and each BU’s current situation in terms of economic and financial situation, organizational structure, industrial structure, business model and commercial strategy, …
  • Enucleation and confirmation of the mission and strategic orientation at the basis of the Industrial Piano
  • Deep down with the responsibles of each BU and sharing of the development guidelines and selected projects
  • Definition of a three year Industrial Plan of each BU through the exposition of the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow
  • Clarification of the action needed and the desired objectives/targets of each BU (operational plan)
Key FinancialsAnno
Operating Revenues4742465359
# Employees~290~ 290~ 280~ 300~ 310