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Corporate Finance e M&A

Our industrial and financial skills are a recognized added value in providing entrepreneurs, managers, financial investors and institutions with pratical and sustainable over time solutions

Corporate Finance

  • Assessment of the financing needs at statup, development or restructuring stages
  • Research and selection of the most suitable financial investor in Equity or Debt
  • Pool and club deal transactions


  • Scouting, sell-side and buy-sideadvisory for financial or industrial investors
  • Deal flow origination and portfolio rationalization for Private Equity and Industrial/Financial Holding
  • Generational change and Family Buy-out
  • Management Buy-out and Buy-in
  • Definition and/or industrial assessment of add-on strategies

Strategic & Financial due diligence

  • Business e market due diligence, buy-side business plan assessment
  • Industrial e process review through a solid and consolidated network of industry expert managers
  • Vendor due diligence e information memorandum draw-up to support sell-side processes

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