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Management Consulting

The distinctive capacity of Global Strategy is the ability to integrate consolidated analysis models with concrete and pragmatic approaches to deliver customized and efficient solutions

Corporate Strategy and Industrial Plan

  • Definition of strategic, economic and financial targets
  • Analysis of the competitive context and the business model
  • Explanation of the options and consistency test check
  • Definition of the strategy and its underlying actions

Corporate and Business Governance

  • Definition and valuation of the most suitable organizational model
  • Organizational redesign
  • Support during the directional changeover phase and the opening of third parties equity

Efficiency and Operational Improvement

  • Analysis of the value chain
  • Individuation of the best practices per each value chain’s phase
  • Operational processes redesign
  • Support in projects implementation
  • Management control systems definition and implementation

Commercial and Marketing Plan

  • Definition of the commercial development guidelines
  • Support in projects implementation
  • Valuation of the sales force

Business and Financial Due Diligence

  • Analysis of the market and trends
  • Analysis of the company’s business model
  • Audit of the available resources

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