Industrial, financial and managerial integrated approach


The systemic approach to the restructuring issues is effective only through the integretion of industrial and financial implementation expertise within a single project team: it represents the Global Strategy’s method

Restructuring plan

  • Identification of critical areas and definition of action plan guidelines
  • Targeting of “quick win” solutions and assessmement of preliminary expected impacts
  • Definition and development of the industrial plan to support agreements and creditors arrangements (ex art. 67, ex. art 182 bis, ex art. 161 e 186 bis L.F.)
  • Deft of the master plan along with the definition of “midterm” operational actions

Financial planning

  • Financial and cash flow analysis foreseen by the plan
  • Definition and monitoring of monthly financial needs into the plan period
  • Negotiation with banks and key industrial creditors


  • Project Management, milestone and KPIs supervision
  • Budgeting, reporting and steering committee support
  • Direct implementation and interim management
  • Negotiations eith unions and other stakeholders

Indipendent review

Support to the lending banks or potential investors in coordination with the technical and legal team for:

  • Validation of the strategic framework proposed
  • Business Plan Assessment and review
  • Debt Restructuring review, acid test and sensitivity
  • Independent CRO and CRO Team for restructuring plan supervision

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