Global Strategy is an international management consulting and corporate finance Company, with offices in Milan, Warsaw and Prague.

Global Strategy was founded in 2006 by Antonella Negri-Clementi together with a group of professional with consolidated skills and expertise. Global Strategy is characterized by a pragmatic and multidisciplinary approach in defining management solutions and supporting companies and entrepreneurs in the related implementation thanks to its network of specialists, in Italy and abroad.

We operate in the global market in selected areas and sector niches, on which we have strong industrial skills that allow us to respond to different needs with customized interventions and a hands-on approach, in order to identify and generate business opportunities for the customer’s stakeholders.

We support entrepreneurs and managers in defining growth paths, identifying improvement actions and preparing strategic and industrial plans. We support change and restructuring paths through the definition of operating plans, organizational reviews, identification of actions and objectives to be pursued. We participate together with the resources involved in the implementation phase.

We assist the restructuring teams of the main Italian Credit Institutions through the preparation of IBRs and industrial assessments always in line with our business skills. We support financial and industrial investors in corporate finance and M&A transactions.

Alongside the traditional activities of management and financial consultancy, we have implemented two significant initiatives, involving excellent entrepreneurs and companies to achieve an even deeper knowledge of the Italian corporate landscape.

Since 2009, through the OsservatorioPMl®, we carry out and update a qualitative-quantitative research within the universe of Italian SMEs, whose objectives are: identify companies able to achieve systematically better results than their sector in terms of growth, profitability and financial strength; understand and analyse managerial strategies and practices based on the identified cases of excellence.

From the experience of the OsservatorioPMI® the idea of ​​a Club of Excellent Enterprises was born, with the aim of giving life to a stable and constructive network between winning realities, which can become an engine and an opportunity for meetings, discussion and aggregation. The Club was established in May 2016, and today consists of more than 25 members.

We also wanted to accompany our work with the publication of Globe News, a biannual professional magazine that aims at informing companies, institutions, entrepreneurs, professionals and managers on topics of public debate.